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"We are totally delighted with GeoJet 2000 and because of its newness and unique info source, we have impressed clients who thought that they knew everything"

"GeoJet 2000 has more
than paid us back a
hundred fold and given
us much satisfaction in
our business presentations"

"This is a 'Fantastic' Program!! I believe every realtor should have one."


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About Us

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GeoJet Information Solutions Inc. (GeoJet) was incorporated in July 1996 in the province of Alberta, Canada, with the vision of becoming a leading solution provider for GIS-based applications in real estate, municipality, utility, small business, and tourism.

The company has invented a spatial data management technology called a Hierarchical Data Model and Basemap/Attachment Architecture. Based on this new technology, GeoJet has developed three valuable GIS software tools that target the real estate and utility/ municipality industries. These products include GeoJet Professional, GeoJet, and GeoJet Online

GeoJet's products have developed to employ some unique concepts and technologies that offer a quicker and easier way of viewing and using existing map data. The GeoJet software models data into Basemap/Attachment Architecture where the GeoJet database is a combination of basemap objects, common to many applications, and attachment objects, data specific to particular users. This software can combine hundreds of data files into one unit in the GeoJet database so that when viewed, they are seamlessly integrated among the various zoom levels. This enables users to view one map of an entire area where they can quickly pan and move around the area at any zoom level without any interruption in the map.



GeoJet first entered the GIS market with the introduction of GeoJet Real Estate, which is a combination of our GeoJet software and data loaded into the GeoJet database. The data, which is obtained from various sources, is specific to the region where GeoJet Real Estate is being sold. The real estate market was an ideal industry to launch GeoJet because the industry was relatively new to GIS and it had all the ingredients where GIS could offer a better and easier way for real estate professionals to conduct their everyday business.

We first released GeoJet Real Estate to members of the Calgary Real Estate Board in December of 1998. It was the first time that our GeoJet products were exposed to the general public.

In August 1999, we released GeoJet to members of the Edmonton Real Estate Board. On January 2000, Beta Versions for the Greater Vancouver Area and the City of Winnipeg were posted on our website. GeoJet Real Estate generated considerable interest in the real estate market right across North America.

  Coming Up!

We are also working on this web site to begin offering various data and information for other communities as well as information to supplement our current products and areas. This information will be available to GIS users and real estate professionals in our Online Store and will be accessible using our Online GIS interface, GeoJet Online. If you would like to see a demo of GeoJet Online, click the link, Live Demo of GeoJet Online.Keep checking back with us on new developments of this product and when it and our Online Store will be running.

GeoJet Professional. A powerful GIS/Mapping Tool for real time display of very large spatial databases.

GeoJet Real Estate. A mapping tool for real estate professionals.

GeoJet Online. A tool running GeoJet in an Internet/Intranet environment.

GJloader. A tool to load data from external sources into the GeoJet database (included with GeoJet Professional).

GeoJet Developers Kit. A developers kit using GeoJet Technology in Microsoft Visual C++. It includes documentation, source codes of plug-in modules, and header files for internal GeoJet objects.

Online Store. An area on our web site where data and other information are available for download.


GeoJet Information Solutions also provides the following consulting services:

GIS Design and Implementation.

Custom Application Development using MicroStation MDL.

Internet Setup and Web-site Development.

Software Development using Oracle Pro C and/or Microsoft Visual C++.

  Contact Us
To contact us:

GeoJet Information Solutions Inc.
#740, 910 - 7th Avenue SW
Calgary, AB T2P 3N8

Phone: (403) 262-1104
Toll free: (866) 243-6538
                  (866) 2GeoJet
Fax: (403) 262-7861